Carole P. Roman is the award-winning author of over fifty children’s books, including the Captain No Beard series and the If You Were Me and Lived in… series that explores customs and cultures around the world. She is also the author of the Oh Susannah series, her first Early Reader Chapter book series.  She has written too many books and won too many awards to list in this short post, but you can see them at  She also hosts two blog radio programs and is one of the founders of the magazine, Indie Author’s Monthly. She has even been interviewed by Forbes Magazine, not once, but TWICE!

There are literally hundreds of blog posts, articles and interviews featuring, or at least mentioning, Carol P. Roman.  She is a well-regarded and well-respected author with more fans than I can count.  I am fortunate enough to have gotten to know Carole a little on a more personal level, so I thought I would write a more personal post – less about Carole’s books and accomplishments (which a gazillion other people have already addressed) and more about how we met and how she has helped me.  So, this post will be very different from all my others and probably different from all the other posts and articles out there about her as well.  In fact, the rest of this post may be as much about me as about her!

I first met Carole* through Goodreads.**  We happened to be in one of the same groups and were discussing a common issue when she directed a comment to me.  At this point, I wasn’t sure who she was, but her name sounded familiar.  Then I realized that I had some of her books!  One of Carol’s series mentioned above is the If You Were Me and Lived In . . . (fill in the name of a country).  We travel a lot and before trips to new cities and countries, I usually try to get a children’s book about that place to read with my son, Brandon.  I find that it gets him more interested in where we are going and I like to have him learn a little about a destination before we get there.  Sometimes we plan what to do based on things we read about in those books.  So, long story short – we have some of Carole’s books.

Anyway, once I realized who she was, I got a little starstruck but tried to stay cool, like, yeah, no big deal, I meet authors of books I actually have in my home every day!  I think I did, however, send her a message saying something like, “OMG!  I have your books!”  I know, I know . . . I’m such a book geek!  I’m not sure if she noticed my dorkiness or not, but she played it off like she didn’t.  Very classy.

Since that day, we have emailed, messaged, spoken on the phone and radio (oh yeah, Carole interviewed me on her radio show!), and Carole has given me a ton of advice on writing and promoting, as she has for so many other new authors!  In fact, she was the one who suggested I write a blog introducing other authors to my friends!  So, if you discover a new author or book you and your kids love through my blog posts, you can thank Carole!  I could go on and on. But I’ll stop before I really embarrass myself and before this post gets too long and I lose your attention!

Well, I had fun writing this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it and learned something new about Carole P. Roman.  I haven’t spent much time discussing her books, but they’re great and have won tons of awards!  So, I recommend that you check them out!  I’ll go back to my normal, more professional posts, next week (probably)!

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*Here’s an interesting fact not that many people know: Carole’s name is actually Phyllis!  Carole was her mom’s name and Roman was her dad’s name.  Her books were written to honor their memory.

** is a social cataloging network for book lovers and the world’s largest social network for readers and book recommendations.  If you are not on Goodreads, you should join!  It’s free and it’s a fun way to share what you are reading, see what your friends are reading, learn about new books, get recommendations on what to read next and get to know some of your favorite authors!

Below are a couple of Carole’s award winning books – the first of each series.  There are direct links to Amazon in the menu column on the left to these books if you would like to check them out.  Please note that I am an Amazon affiliate which means if you buy anything through my site, I get a very small kickback at no cost to you.




This simple, yet important, story about overcoming racism is written in both English and Spanish. The story, written by Maritza Martinez Mejia*, is about two young friends, one white (Vanilla) and the other black (Chocolate). Vanilla’s parents do not want him to associate with children of other races. The astute teacher notices this and organizes a family day event for her students and their parents. At the event, Vanilla’s parents see the bond between the boys and realize they were wrong to prohibit Vanilla from playing with Chocolate. They apologize to Chocolate’s parents and allow the boys to remain friends and to play together every day after school.

This book is great for kids not only because it is bilingual and tells a story in both English and Spanish, but also because it teaches, in a non-preachy manner, that you shouldn’t judge a person based solely on race. This is an important message for both children and adults alike. In addition, there are certain words highlighted in the story which are defined at the end of the book and questions for children to think about and answer. There are also circle time activities that teachers and/or parents/caretakers can do with the little ones. This is a great way to ensure that kids truly understand the moral of the story and think about the importance of tolerance. There are a couple of very minor grammatical errors, but they do not take away from the story at all. Great book!

*For more information about Maritza, please see my previous post, MEET AWARD WINNING AUTHOR, MARITZA MARTINEZ MEJIA, dated November 27, 2017.

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This book, by Shelley Kinder, is a super cute story about a boy and his monster.  Jerry the Monster feels that he should be scary because he is a monster.  Unfortunately for Jerry, try as he might, he just isn’t scary.  Jerry’s subject, the little boy in the story, tries to give Jerry suggestions on how to be scary, like showing his fangs and hiding under the bed, but the results are more funny than scary! The boy then helps Jerry realize that he just doesn’t like being scary and that he can still be a great monster without being scary.  The boy helps Jerry figure out what he is good at doing and what he was born to do – like giving hugs and cooking, along with a whole list of other fun things!

This story is wonderfully written and illustrated.  It’s a great book to read at bedtime (or really, anytime), and it teaches kids not only that it’s okay to be different, but that they should embrace those differences.  This book sends the message that you must be true to yourself and do what you love to be happy.  This is such an important message for both kids and adults alike!  I highly recommend this book!

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Rocio Monroy was born and raised in Mexico, where she graduated as an Industrial Engineer in 2009. She came to the U.S with a Au Pair program and traveled around the country. After she met her husband, she finally settled in St. Peters, Missouri. Since then she has been studying English as second language and creative writing. In 2016, Rocio won a scholarship to study at the Children’s Book Academy.

As an author, she writes stories for tiny readers with big hearts. Her big inspiration is her three children who teach every day how to follow her dreams. She enjoys every moment of her life and likes to write about it. Her favorite thing to write about is bilingual characters that have the ability to make kids laugh. She strongly believes that books have the power of changing the world. This is the reason she spends a lot of time reading, visiting libraries, and writing stories to help make this world a better place.

Rocio’s latest book is Paisley the Goat, a colorful children’s illustrated story for kids who are learning their numbers. A goat named Paisley cannot sleep, no matter what she tries. You can probably relate if you have kids and the little ones won’t lie down or unwind!

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This book, by Suzee Ramirez and Lynne Raspect, is absolutely GORGEOUS!  The book is filled with pictures of children from around the world and of every ethnicity.  It is truly a multicultural book and I think every child will be able to see himself/herself in this book.

I love this book, not only because of the beautiful and colorful photographs of adorable children, but because it sends the message that all of us, no matter what our race, language or customs, are alike – we all play and laugh and love, and we are all a part of this beautiful rainbow world!

This book, while engaging for people of all ages, is especially great for the very young with short attention spans because of all the colorful photographs of kids and the fact that there are only a few words on every other page.  In addition, the book is also a song!  The book includes a download of the song, Beautiful Rainbow World, by world-renowned children’s folk singer, Daria.  This is a wonderful book for parents, caregivers and teachers to read and sing-along with their children!

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Maritza Martinez Mejia was born in Colombia and now lives in Florida with her husband and their two teenagers. She graduated from Universidad Mayor de Cundinamarca in Commerce and Foreign Language and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities with a Certificate in Women’s Studies from Florida Atlantic University. For her active participation and service to the community, she was awarded the “Crystal Apple Award 2006.”

Maritza published her memoir Hazel Eyes in 2010 which was translated into Spanish in 2015. She is working on a Bilingual Children Books Collection called Lessons for Living. She has published Vanilla and Chocolate/Vainilla y Chocolate (2012) (more information about this book is below) and Grandma’s Treasure/El Tesoro de la Abuela (2014). These books received the Five Stars Reader’s Favorites Reviews. Her first bilingual poetry book Poems, Thoughts and More (2015), by WRB Publishing, won the Virtue Christian Book Award 2015 and one poem won the FAU Treasure Coast Poetry Contest Spring 2010.

Maritza has translated into Spanish: Temporary Permanence by Yashi Nozawa; The Legend of the Colombian Mermaid by Janet Balletta; and her memoir, Hazel Eyes as Ojos Avellana. This last book received the Latino Book Awards for BEST translation English to Spanish and BEST E-Book 2016.

Maritza writes to inspire others to be good.

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Award-winning author, Erica Graham, author of the Talking Tale Series, graduated from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville with her Master of Arts Degree in Speech Language Pathology. She also holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence with the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. As a mother of two, Erica understands the difficulty parents have finding time to complete speech homework with their children.  In her pursuit to create a fun easy way for therapists, children, and their parents to enhance speech development while promoting literacy, she has written a series of exciting children’s books.  Each book focuses on a core sound used in the English language. Outside of writing and working as a Speech Language Pathologist, Erica enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and daughters, volunteering with the youth group at church, and a good cup of tea.

About the Talking Tales Series

The Talking Tales books are not only fun stories, but they serve a unique purpose. This exciting new series is also designed to help with speech development.

When a child is learning to speak, he or she first learns how words sound by observing. Each book in the Talking Tales series is focused on a different core sound in its naturally occurring word positions, thus increasing a child’s awareness and helping him or her learn how to properly produce the targeted sound. Erica firmly believes that parents and caregivers are the most important people in a child’s life. For this reason, she has included some speech tips in the front of each book so that these books can be used in a home setting.

The Talking Tales books are tools to help speech development. They do not replace speech therapy. If you do have any questions or concerns about your child’s speech or language development, please consult his or her physician or speech language pathologist. These specialists will be able to help determine if your child’s speech is developing typically or if they may benefit from some intervention.

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Actually, Sierra Luke is the pen name used by Alecia Campbell and her children, Sierra and Luke.

Sierra is a 9 year old precocious girl. Her last name is not Luke,  that is her brother’s name. Together with her mother and brother they write delightful, fun stories. Sierra is in grade 4 and loves to read. She just read Anne of Green Gables and thinks that she and Anne would have been great friends.  Check out her blog called Kids Who Write for tips and ideas for other kid writers like her!

Luke is 8 years old and loves Lego. After Mom writes the story he edits to make sure that kids would like to read it. As the primary editor before professional edition, he ensures the grammar, spelling, word choice and dialogues are top quality.  Check out the website for our books, fun activities and cool free stuff.

Mom Alecia does most of the  writing, Sierra and Luke comes up with a lot of  the characters and the ideas it’s a real team effort. They also work with great editors, illustrators and narrators to bring our stories and all our characters to life.

Sierra Luke has authored the E.C. Max, Kid Genius series (where Max uses science and technology to solve everyday problems, usually with unexpected wacky results!) and the Oh No! series (rhyming tales of accidents), which was awarded by Amazon as a BEST SELLER! Also, the brand new Andy Airplane series will be coming soon this month!  In the Andy Airplane series, Andy travels around the world and changes into various aircraft to complete deliveries!  More books and series are always coming soon.


Sierra Luke also has a great giveaway active now!  Go to:

Prize: 20 copies of E.C. Mac, Kid Genius: Critter Camp ebooks to be given to random winners selected November 15.


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Prize to be sent to 20 random winners on November 15 using InstaFreebie link to download book in any desired format for Kindle, Nook or any other electronic reading device.

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Wallace is a new (but retired) children’s story teller – in the United Kingdom!  His first book, entitled: The Magical Adventures of Jimmy Crikey, is about to be published (1st week of December), by Blossom Spring Publishing, UK.

Wallace was born and raised near Durham City.  He married his wife, Pat, in 1964 and they lived in Sussex and Hampshire before moving to beautiful rural Lancashire, where they reside today.

The Magical Adventures of Jimmy Crikey is about a boy, with an unusual appearance, who runs away into the forest to escape ridicule and finds a new underground world.  In that world, he discovers and saves the town of Roombelow from the curse of a sleeping spell!  Jimmy finds a home in Roombelow, where he feels accepted, and begins a series of extraordinary adventures involving magic, mystery, monsters and mayhem.

Jimmy Crikey was born one rainy day, many years ago, during a family holiday in Great Yarmouth, to entertain Wallace’s son and his new friends for an hour or so. The story expanded over the following damp afternoons in the cramped confines of a beach tent, and more and more adventures were required to keep the children entertained. Many years later Wallace decided to commit to the written word. Now retired, he looks forward to sharing The Magical Adventures of Jimmy Crikey with a wider audience.

When Wallace is not telling or writing stories, he enjoys playing his Hammond organ and painting scenes on pottery.

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Bruce Arrington lives in Oregon and writes fantasy for readers of all ages.  He has written stories on and off since his teenage years, and his first published works came to light in 2011.  Bruce takes your average, everyday characters and upends their lives through unusual and powerful circumstances. He authored the teen Josh Anvil series, the Fallen Powers series, the Birthday Wish books, and shorter stories like the Phalanx Blood series.  Currently Bruce teaches in a small K-12 school, and enjoys challenging students to be their creative best. He writes mostly during the summer, but throughout the year is drawn back into his writing adventures as time allows.

While all of Bruce’s books are genuine page-turners, his favorites are:

Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door (second edition) — Logline: what would you do with the powers of creation?

Kidnapped: The Phalanx Blood Series Part 1 — Logline: what if your blood could cure cancer?

The Ninth Birthday Wish — Logline: what would you choose if you could ask for anything on your birthday?


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