The Trick to Being Fearless, By Sally Huss, is an adorable and empowering book for young children who are afraid of things, like being alone.  The main character, Josiah, was afraid of everything!  Then one day, he watched a program where a doctor explained that you could quelch fear by swallowing good thoughts.  Josiah, who desperately wanted to be brave, courageous and capable of doing things on his own, took this to heart.  The next morning at breakfast, he quietly said to his toast, “I am brave when I go into dark closets” –  and it worked!  He was able to go into a dark closet by himself – something he could never do before!  Josiah did this several times with different thoughts as he ate or drank, and with every swallow of a good thought, he could feel the courage each thought had given him!  Josiah, all on his own, accomplished his goal of being brave, courageous, capable and, best of all, being proud of himself!

This is a wonderful self-help book for young children – in fact, I dare say it is the BEST one I have ever seen for little ones!  I love how it illustrates  and reinforces the power of positive thought and empowers children by showing them how they can help themselves and take control of their own thoughts and actions.  What a creative way to help children deal with their fears!  It may not work for all children, but it can’t hurt to try and will likely help so many!   I wish this book was around when my son was just starting school!

Finally, I would be remiss in not mentioning the colorful cartoon-like illustrations which beautifully show each step Josiah takes to conquer his fears.  Children (and parents/caregivers, too) will enjoy this fun book and will be cheering for little Josiah – I know I was!

If you’re interested, or would like to see more about this book, here is the Amazon link: