Remi The Pink Robin, written by Kristin Wiman, is an adorable book with beautiful watercolor drawings.  The story is about a little bird, named, Remi, who is trying to figure out what he is.  He tries to join other groups of birds, but does not fit in and is even bullied by some crows!  Poor Remi was so confused and upset until a kind lady brought him home with her, took care of him and changed his life.  With the help of his new friend, Remi discovers what he is and where he needs to go!

This book was written for children aged 3-5 years old.  It’s a cute story to read to little ones who will love the all the beautiful illustrations!  Also, because this story addresses different emotions, it’s a good way to segue into a conversation about feelings and how one’s behavior and actions affect others.  Books like this are a good way to start teaching empathy to our tiniest readers.  The punctuation is not perfect and there are a few grammatical errors on the back cover, but these do not take away from the story or the lessons that are being conveyed.  Children will fall in love with little Remi!

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