Lenita Sheridan, a middle grade fantasy author, was born in Seattle, but raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. She grew up in six and a half acres of woods in the Goldstream Valley outside of Fairbanks. She loved to play in the woods and that is where she got her imagination. Her inspiration comes from God. She made a decision to become a Christian when she was eleven.  At that same age she decided she wanted to become a writer, so this age was a turning point for her.

Lenita Sheridan went on to fulfill her dream by writing a book entitled Guardian of the Gauntlet. This book was to be her Master’s thesis after she was accepted into graduate school at the University of Washington. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

The author now lives on Whidbey Island in Washington state with her dog, a Japanese Spitz named Haley. She published Guardian of the Gauntlet while living on the island, plus two subsequent books in the trilogy. As well as being a middle grade fantasy with spiritual themes, Lenita Sheridan has written humor in her books. In addition to writing, she substitute teaches on the island. She enjoys walking her dog, crafts, and reading. Lenita Sheridan also sings in the choir at her church and occasionally does solos. Her first published book, Guardian of the Gauntlet, was a finalist in the 2015 Red City Book Awards.

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