If you are familiar with my blog, you know I feature children’s book authors and review children’s books.  However, I would be remiss in not introducing the amazing and talented illustrator of Brandon Makes Jiǎo Zi (餃子), Helena Chu Ho!  She also just happens to be my awesome little sister (so maybe I am a little biased – nah)!  Whenever I do readings of Brandon Makes Jiǎo Zi (餃子), the kids always rave about how they love her drawings!

Helena graduated from the University of Maryland and lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband and son, Connor.  Besides illustrating for me and spending time with her family, her passion is photography, which she also does professionally.  Helena also runs half marathons in her spare time!  Not sure how she’s my sister – I would pass out after running 1 block (and I’m talking a normal block, not a huge New York City block)!

She and her son draw all the time for fun, too!  Below is a picture Connor drew this Christmas of Rudolph, as well as his favorite food pairing, bacon and eggs!  Connor is getting so good that he may take her place as my illustrator when he gets a bit older!  Ha ha!

Keep an eye out for more of Helena’s work!  Like I said, she’s amazing and talented!